英検準1級 2016年第2回 英文エッセイ問題


When it comes to the question of whether Japanese companies have stronger intentions of improving female-worker treatment, my opinion is that this is proceeding in a beneficial way and also can’t be avoided in the modern world.

There are three reasons why I feel this way.

First, the rate of matriculation at universities is increasing among women. Their diligence can lead to acquiring of capabilities as good as those of males. They can on occasion arrive at useful solutions in the workplace, as a result of their struggle toward equality, and can give substance to their dreams more often than men can. For this reason, companies should invest in their development. 

Second, Japanese males positively don’t tend to consider many problems, when it comes to the world of business. Put differently, instead of employing their own experiences and judgement, they tend to give some respect on current regulations in their companies. One example is the notion that females should rear children at home.

However, their attitudes and strategies won’t work in a profitable way for companies to advance into the globalized world. Antique conceptions involving male superiority will become increasingly invidious: The old-fashioned way of males- being –superior- to- females thinking will eventually lead Japanese companies to less beneficial situations.

Third, in the technologically advanced world, the way of thinking in various social areas has been metamorphosing, and so has the social status of females. Due to the rigid and biased consideration of female workers, companies may face difficulties when they have to negotiate with foreign female workers. The equal status of both genders in workplaces should be regarded as natural.    

If both employers and employees didn’t flexibly deal with new problems regarding women, and had a desire to maintain their dogmas, they could not resolve problems that they would have to deal with, when companies were developing in the modern business world.




2016年 第2回英検1級 解答を作る

The current democratic system in developed countries doesn’t seem to be operating efficiently. However, a better alternative system that gives benefits to people still can’t be found. So, the democratic nations still have the intention of spreading democracy in all areas.

There are three reasons why I feel this way.

First, democracy can accept the opinions of all people. The number of humans on the earth is so big that completely satisfying results cannot be reached, but democracy can accept as many opinions as possible and give a chance to reform less beneficial regulations or even systems themselves. By establishing a democratic system in nondemocratic nations, almost all people may be able to live more peaceful lives, and also peaceful situations can be maintained around the world.

Second, advanced technologies can do everything. A lot of information on political situations can be acquired, whether or not they are correct. The information, though, can help people understand current situations. Capabilities of getting information are a top priority to change bad systems like dictatorship, into a democratic system. Thanks to the technologies, while people in nondemocratic nations can learn about current problems concerning their nations, people in democratic nations can positively help improve their old systems in the democratic way.

Third, military powers, with tools such as weapons, warplanes and warships, can do efficient things to change nondemocratic nations into democratic ones. Aside from whether they are right, the powers can forcefully lead to metamorphosing current systems.

So, my implication about this question is that as democratic nations have economically and technologically high capabilities, and strong military powers, they can spread democracy in both peaceful and forceful ways.     


高3生の書いた150字程度の英作文と添削です。 2016/06/18


  1. a) What is most important in order to achieve world peace is to learn those who are different from us in various points, such as nationality, religion, and gender.


  1. b) A collision often happens when people cannot understand each other.


  1. c) If we can comprehend others, wars in the world will surely decrease.


  1. d) Discrimination will also decrease if we can come to appreciate those who are really different from us.


  1. e) In the end, we will be able to achieve world peace.


  1. f) In order to learn those what seems odd to us, we have to try to have an interest in those.


  1. g) At the same time, we have to make efforts to make people know what we are, too.


  1. h) If we disclose our origin, we can probably make a compromise.


  1. i) j) Everyone in the world longs for world peace, so I don’t think it is unrealizable.




World peace is important.


There seem to be several ways to promote peace.


  1. a) One of the most important things to do in order to achieve world peace is to learn about those who are different from us in various points, such as nationality, religion, and gender.


When misunderstanding each other in our daily lives, for example, if we have time to talk about trivial things, we may be able to resolve our current problems


  1. b)

1) Conflicts will often happen if people don’t understand others.

2) Lack of understanding is frequently a source of conflicts.

  1. c)

1) If we can comprehend others more, though, the number of wars that will break out in the world is sure to decrease.

2) If we can improve our mutual comprehension, there is no doubt that we will see the number of wars erupting on the planet fall.


  1. d) We may also be able to reduce discrimination with the same way of thinking.


  1. f) In order to learn about those who seem strange to us, it is essential for us to have curiosity about different people, both men and women, and both poor and rich people.
  2. g)

1) Also, it is important to have others know what we are like.

2) We should also try to let others understand our own characters.


1) That is to say, it is necessary for us to convey what we are to others through positive interactions.

2) By this, I mean that we must communicate our own true natures through constructive interactions.


  1. h)

1) This is because if we can realize that we have evolved from the same origin, we can understand others more.

2) If we can see that we all share the same roots, we can better understand one another.


  1. i)

1) All people around the world long for world peace.

2) There is a great yearning for world peace among people all over the world.



1) In the end, we will surely be able to achieve world peace.

2) Ultimately, world peace is an achievable goal.




2016/04/16 映画 ”アバウト・ア・ボーイ” の感想です。古い映画ですが、主人公のだらしのない日常と、クライマックスの舞台上での一見理解できない行為が、対照的です。






The movie, “About a Boy” tells us about an essential aspect of our lives. There is a proverb in this movie, which means that all people can live peaceful lives by understanding others, so-called, “No man is an island”


This phrase means that the most important thing we have to realize and value in our lives is the importance of relationships.  


Will Freeman, the film’s main character, lives comfortable life without working. This is because of large royalties he inherited from his father. He can do anything he wants to do, such as meeting women and hanging out with them.


Will comes across a boy through one of games, which is a secret plan to meet a woman, Suzie. The boy, Marcus, is 12 years old. He is lonely, because of his poor life conditions. He cannot avoid changing schools because he has a mental sickness.


His mother is single with no goals for her life. She is also lonely, so she tries to commit suicide, but she is saved by Will and Susie.


Marcus really wants to cheer her mother up. He realizes that Will can be an essential person to himself. Therefore, He wants to make friends with Will. At first, Will is fed up with the boy, but afterwards, he and the boy come to treat each other as brothers.


In this movie, another important character emerges; Rachel appears as a woman Will can love from the bottom of his heart. She may be yet another lonely woman.   


These isolating people appear in the movie, and help one another mature and heal through cultivating relationships.


At the end of the story, Marcus decides to sing at the school show in order to encourage her mother. He is not a good singer, and doesn’t have any friends there to help him. However, he tries to sing his mother’s favorite song, “Killing Me Softly” on stage in front of many students.


However, naturally, he can hardly sing it at all well, due to the booing and jeering from the crowd. He was at a loss what to do.


Suddenly, Will appears onstage with a guitar to accompany Marcus for the rest of the song. Also he sings the song in a stupid way so that he can face the humiliation instead of Marcus.


This is the most moving scene of all. 


In the last scene; 

No one can remain isolated if they focus on being less self-centered and are filled with love, I’m sure.


This is my impression of this movie, at least.  


The phrase, “No man is an island,” can encourage people when they are lonely or going through difficult situations, divorce and illness.


Again, the closing words, “No man is isolated” is one of the most memorable proverbs.






Cycling was my favorite activity during my junior high school days.

Some of my friends also liked cycling and we ran around many places together.


One day, we decided to visit a northern place that was in the same prefecture, about 100km from where we lived. It would take 10 hours to reach there.


We left home on a fine day in spite of the long distance. Of course, our parents seemed to have let us have an enjoyable but slightly risky adventure, as all the boys tried to overcome adventurous things for themselves.


We could travel such a long distance that we reached our goal without any difficulties on the way there, on the first day. The next day, though, an incident happened, when we were cycling on the road between the mountains on our alternate way home.


One of our friends had something wrong with his bike. We noticed his bike was not running smoothly. He was running more and more slowly and the distance between him and us was gradually getting further. My other companion and I were biking slowly enough for him to catch up with him. Eventually, we decided to stop and wait for him on the road around which we couldn’t see almost all things because of darkness.


Several minutes had passed, but he didn’t appear. We immediately rode our bikes, and turn back on our way. While we were biking very fast, several cars passed by at enormous speed, throwing light from our backs.


A several minutes’ ride took us to him; we found standing at the edge of the road. He said that the front part of the frame had been broken, and that he could no longer run. We all felt at a loss in the darkness, and we could hardly see anything in the mountains.


However, we could see light below our eyes. We walked down along the road there. It didn’t take much time to get to a place where we found that things could be seen in the twilight. There were several houses scattered around the area.   


We approached one of them, and asked a resident to show us to a bike shop. He answered that he knew a bicycle shop, where they repaired bikes, but that this was the regular day that the shop was closed.


The resident that stood in front of the door seemed to have thought of some idea. He disappeared into his house. After a while, he appeared and said that he called the police station, so that a police officer could help us to ask a shop owner to repair the broken bike.  









Japanese pedagogy of teaching English is not up to the mark.

Many Japanese people, from little children to adults, have been learning English.They respectively have various targets to learn English. Parents hope to make their children acquire good communicative aspect of English, whereas teenagers tend to learn it not for getting a conversation skill but for passing entrance examinations. College or university students have to learn 4 skills, speaking, listening, writing and reading, for academic researches and presentations. Workers, on the other hand, have to acquire their good conversation skill to advantageously negotiate with foreign counterparts.


Different generations are learning different English aspects for reaching their goals in Japan.


For example, adolescents have to spend more time to learn reading and grammar in a biased way, without improving pronunciations, listening powers, expressive ways of English, including compositions and conversation. Thinking English in English tends to be avoidable at school.


The reason this biased teaching method has been used there is because of teachers and entrance examinations of universities.


Most Japanese English school teachers have not been teaching it in expressive ways, speaking and writing. Reading and grammatical rules are a priority, since university exams include few elements to check the conversational and composition skills of examinees.


Due to the situations, teachers are losing their expressive skills that they must have acquired before being teachers. They, thus, won’t be able to adjust to a new English teaching method that will make it a strong rule to use only English in order to teach it.     


The strategy of efficiently learning English that is suitable to the globalized world has not yet been found in Japan.   

















Cellular phones are convenient tool. We can communicate with someone everywhere by using them. These days, the number of public phones is decreasing, so cellular phones will be more essential than before. In addition, they have global positioning systems. They are useful to know where the user is. By using them, for example, mother can know where her child is, and she can feel relieved when her child is late.

 On the other hand, I think cellular phones, especially, smartphones, have too many functions such as internet, game and so on. Too many functions make users more dependent on cellular phones. Because we can use them anytime and anywhere, we cannot separate from them. In fact, dependence on cellular phones is a serious social problem.

 Cellular phones are very convenient. However, it depends on how to use whether they are beneficial or harmful.


Cellular phones are convenient tools.

 We can communicate with people everywhere. In modern society, the number of public phones is decreasing, and so mobile phones are getting more essential in daily lives. In addition to talking to others in distant places, we can use GPS, say, global positioning systems with latest mobile phones, for example. They are useful to know where users are walking in real time. A mother can locate where her daughter or son is walking or playing when she or he has not yet reached home, because of which she can feel relieved.

 In contrast to advantageous aspects above, there are disadvantageous features, too. In cell phones, smartphones especially have too many functions, such as Net access and games, which can cause users to be far more dependent on cellular phones. As we find time to use them anytime and anywhere, we cannot separate from them. Therefore, cellular phone dependence, or cell phone addiction is a serious social problem in modern society.

 Cellular phones are very convenient. When we use them in the wrong way, though, we can face difficult circumstances. It depends on the way to use them whether they are beneficial or harmful to us.



Cellular phones have both good points and bad points. I fact, cellular phones are very useful. For example, we can search what we want to know everywhere. Also, thanks to cellular phones, it became possible to contact with people easily.

On the other hand, when we have cellular phones, we have to be careful of management of personal information. If we use them be wrong way, we may be trouble. Furthermore, these days, addiction of smartphone is a serious problem. As especially smartphones emit a lot of blue lights, using smartphones too much damage to our eyes.

In conclusion, I think cellular phones are great as far as we use them correctly. Though opportunities which we use them will increase, we have to be careful of the way to use.


Cellular phones have both good and bad points.

The beneficial aspects are that, for example; they are very useful to acquire information we want to know and also in order to easily contact other people, even if one is far from another.

Also, nowadays, there are a lot of solitary people in cities that can avoid spending sparing time alone for various reasons, including work and study. Gadgets can help them to exchange information in order for one another to feel a little bit happy. There are virtual characters on the web, which people can access to pursue enjoyment or kill time, too.

The less beneficial aspects are that, for example; when we are using our cellular phones, we have to be careful with the management of personal information. If we use them in a wrong way, we may get in trouble. Besides, smartphone addiction is a serious problem in the modern society. Lastly, A lot of blue light emit by these modern gadgets can give a serious damage to our eyes.

In conclusion, cellular phones can be useful and great when we appropriately use them. The more opportunities we have to use them, the more careful we have to be with the proper way of using them.





Media and War ! 報道と戦争

2015/11/9 Monday



Many people have never experienced any war. Elderly people that have directly engaged in the war have passed away or are dying.


Young and middle generations cannot realize how terrible a real war is. If a nation has its intention that makes war occur for some reasons, a few parts of which may be hoaxes, it can employ people’s ignorance and manipulate them. A nation can persuade citizens to realize how urgent circumstances are through the media.


Pros and cons of a nation’s assertion begin to be debated in many fields. If many people disagree with the implementation of this nation, it will make the media obey its order and not make citizens raise strong objections to a government’s goal.


Some reporters and editors try to convey truth and refuse to be subject to its power, but they often cannot avoid being forced to accept it. Instead, they are ordered to change contents or delete some words.


The people of a nation select their lawmakers. Law makers act reasonably and sometimes aggressively for their supporters and the whole country. It is true, but you can find another aspect of politicians. They tend to be biased by other politicians who hold strong powers. Therefore, citizens should learn their abilities of media literacy in order not to easily judge their pledges being right.


If the generation who has never experienced any war thinks that war is not unavoidable or taking part in war is not a bad strategy under some special conditions, the origin of the judgement can be that you have never lived through a real war.


These days, teachers cannot teach true information to children in Japan. They are nervous about education regulations. Even if some contents in textbooks seem to be doubtful, the regulations can prohibit teacher’s free statements, in which the facts can be clear.


As a result, children who don’t know real war cannot understand how it is. Education is important and ignorance is terrible.


Unexpected Surprise Day Off 思いがけない休日

2015/10/23  文化祭で欠席する生徒が多く、急きょ、休講にし振替することになりました。


I’ve got a special day-off today. My work was cancelled because of my customer’s business. Of course, it will have to be done in a few days, but I have free time. While I wondered what I would do to enjoy such a splendid day, I watched a movie in the morning. How relaxing having free time is! Reading books is a good idea. Driving a car is another. However, no one can play with me today, and naturally so, since today is not a weekend. My relatives and friends are away due to work. However, I feel happy all by myself today. I can see the light down from the sky reflecting off leaves through the window of my room. Birds in the trees of the large garden of the temple adjacent to my house are twittering, as if they were whispering me that fall makes them feel happy. I avoided acquiring unhappy news on the web today. Political affairs and politicians’ utterances in Japan and around the USA are the focus of my concerns. Today is, though, the unexpected day I can indulge myself. I wonder what I will do at home, as the time   passes, and I find it will be soon evening.

Lift its long-standing ban on collective self-defense 集団的自衛権



The Japanese government forced security legislation passed through the Upper House, which can lift its long-standing ban on collective self-defense and directly dispatch Japanese Self-Defense Forces to foreign countries, even if the interdiction against the use of weapons to resolve conflicts has been lingering in Article 9 of the Japanese constitution. This legislation may be unpopular among the citizens, but the current government moved at full speed to enact this bill and realize its new capability. The intention for its attainment concealed to the public may lie behind this legislation. For all reasons, the Diet should be democratic. Majority opinions should be deliberated and also respected, even if those opinions are not on the government side. This principle of democracy is violated in Japan now, though. Defense and foreign ministers had said the legitimacy of collective self-defense, and many of its implications were also deliberated, but it is clear that Japan’s peaceful constitution can’t accept them. Their suggestions in the Diet can be manipulated or misleading. The current administration asserts military confrontation between Japan and some other nation is a distinct possibility. The fact is, though, that the broad majority of Japanese doesn’t view the situation around Japan as one demanding an urgent response. Given this, the violations for democracy, the sovereignty of the people and fundamental human rights seems to occur in Japan, which is surely oppose to the spirit of the Japanese constitution. The current administration has to realize its serious violation, and also reconsider this terrible regulation, as most citizens object to the enactment of this proposal.

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