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2016/04/16 映画 ”アバウト・ア・ボーイ” の感想です。古い映画ですが、主人公のだらしのない日常と、クライマックスの舞台上での一見理解できない行為が、対照的です。




The movie, “About a Boy” tells us about an essential aspect of our lives. There is a proverb in this movie, which means that all people can live peaceful lives by understanding others, so-called, “No man is an island”


This phrase means that the most important thing we have to realize and value in our lives is the importance of relationships.  


Will Freeman, the film’s main character, lives comfortable life without working. This is because of large royalties he inherited from his father. He can do anything he wants to do, such as meeting women and hanging out with them.


Will comes across a boy through one of games, which is a secret plan to meet a woman, Suzie. The boy, Marcus, is 12 years old. He is lonely, because of his poor life conditions. He cannot avoid changing schools because he has a mental sickness.


His mother is single with no goals for her life. She is also lonely, so she tries to commit suicide, but she is saved by Will and Susie.


Marcus really wants to cheer her mother up. He realizes that Will can be an essential person to himself. Therefore, He wants to make friends with Will. At first, Will is fed up with the boy, but afterwards, he and the boy come to treat each other as brothers.


In this movie, another important character emerges; Rachel appears as a woman Will can love from the bottom of his heart. She may be yet another lonely woman.   


These isolating people appear in the movie, and help one another mature and heal through cultivating relationships.


At the end of the story, Marcus decides to sing at the school show in order to encourage her mother. He is not a good singer, and doesn’t have any friends there to help him. However, he tries to sing his mother’s favorite song, “Killing Me Softly” on stage in front of many students.


However, naturally, he can hardly sing it at all well, due to the booing and jeering from the crowd. He was at a loss what to do.


Suddenly, Will appears onstage with a guitar to accompany Marcus for the rest of the song. Also he sings the song in a stupid way so that he can face the humiliation instead of Marcus.


This is the most moving scene of all. 


In the last scene; 

No one can remain isolated if they focus on being less self-centered and are filled with love, I’m sure.


This is my impression of this movie, at least.  


The phrase, “No man is an island,” can encourage people when they are lonely or going through difficult situations, divorce and illness.


Again, the closing words, “No man is isolated” is one of the most memorable proverbs.