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Cycling was my favorite activity during my junior high school days.

Some of my friends also liked cycling and we ran around many places together.


One day, we decided to visit a northern place that was in the same prefecture, about 100km from where we lived. It would take 10 hours to reach there.


We left home on a fine day in spite of the long distance. Of course, our parents seemed to have let us have an enjoyable but slightly risky adventure, as all the boys tried to overcome adventurous things for themselves.


We could travel such a long distance that we reached our goal without any difficulties on the way there, on the first day. The next day, though, an incident happened, when we were cycling on the road between the mountains on our alternate way home.


One of our friends had something wrong with his bike. We noticed his bike was not running smoothly. He was running more and more slowly and the distance between him and us was gradually getting further. My other companion and I were biking slowly enough for him to catch up with him. Eventually, we decided to stop and wait for him on the road around which we couldn’t see almost all things because of darkness.


Several minutes had passed, but he didn’t appear. We immediately rode our bikes, and turn back on our way. While we were biking very fast, several cars passed by at enormous speed, throwing light from our backs.


A several minutes’ ride took us to him; we found standing at the edge of the road. He said that the front part of the frame had been broken, and that he could no longer run. We all felt at a loss in the darkness, and we could hardly see anything in the mountains.


However, we could see light below our eyes. We walked down along the road there. It didn’t take much time to get to a place where we found that things could be seen in the twilight. There were several houses scattered around the area.   


We approached one of them, and asked a resident to show us to a bike shop. He answered that he knew a bicycle shop, where they repaired bikes, but that this was the regular day that the shop was closed.


The resident that stood in front of the door seemed to have thought of some idea. He disappeared into his house. After a while, he appeared and said that he called the police station, so that a police officer could help us to ask a shop owner to repair the broken bike.