Unexpected Surprise Day Off 思いがけない休日

2015/10/23  文化祭で欠席する生徒が多く、急きょ、休講にし振替することになりました。


I’ve got a special day-off today. My work was cancelled because of my customer’s business. Of course, it will have to be done in a few days, but I have free time. While I wondered what I would do to enjoy such a splendid day, I watched a movie in the morning. How relaxing having free time is! Reading books is a good idea. Driving a car is another. However, no one can play with me today, and naturally so, since today is not a weekend. My relatives and friends are away due to work. However, I feel happy all by myself today. I can see the light down from the sky reflecting off leaves through the window of my room. Birds in the trees of the large garden of the temple adjacent to my house are twittering, as if they were whispering me that fall makes them feel happy. I avoided acquiring unhappy news on the web today. Political affairs and politicians’ utterances in Japan and around the USA are the focus of my concerns. Today is, though, the unexpected day I can indulge myself. I wonder what I will do at home, as the time   passes, and I find it will be soon evening.

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