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英文を深く 読み取る力が「書く力」「話す力」につながります!




英語民間試験は賛否両論ですが、話す練習を初心者はできるものでしょうか? その辺りを書いてみました。

People who disagree with a third English exam maintain that would bring more disadvantage rather than good. All areas of education, including those of high school and college, will likely impair their intelligence if it’s put into action. There are a lot of different exams, such as TOEFL and E-KEN, that will be introduced in this system. However, there are no similarities between the different exams. Therefore, we cannot use the results of each exam to evaluate each student’s standards. As a result, excellent students will likely be underestimated, and vice verse.

The supporters, on the other hand, insist that the priority should be speaking. They say that when a native Japanese student try to speak English, their abilities will truly develop. I doubt that it is true. I wonder how beginners will speak English, though they lack the basic knowledge in reading and grammar.  


They are not babies, but teenagers. So, the priority is, firstly, grammar and  reading skill through oral training, including pronunciation and accent. Communicative aspect of English, especially, showing their ideas, should not be employed on the beginner stage. Most English teachers and parents will surely agree to my opinion.